Retipping, Stone Sourcing, Tightening, and Setting

Stones end up at risk of falling out if claws become weakened or snap off. This is something that happens over time, or can be the result of a ring being knocked or caught on something.

If you notice one of the claws has started catching on your clothes, it may mean it has been lifted or partially snapped off, in which case, it will need retipping. In this process, a claw is filed down or removed and replaced with a new claw that is stronger. Make sure to check the claws on your ring regularly, or bring it in to us so that we can check for you, to reduce your risk of losing stones.

If, in the worst case, you have already lost a stone, we are able to source replacements and have them set. Any jewellery you bring to us with stones missing will be checked thoroughly; we will examine all claws and make sure all stones are secure in their settings. If we find any further issues, we will make you aware and provide you with a quote to repair them. You need to allow plenty of time for stone sourcing and setting. Sourcing stones can be a difficult process, especially with coloured gems. Any new stone being added to a ring needs to match any existing stones in colour and clarity, alongside being the correct shape and size for the setting. Sometimes finding a stone to fit these requirements is a lengthy process.

Of course, if you manage to find the stone that has fallen out, or if the stone is not missing but chipped, we can always reset stones and find replacements. You don’t necessarily have to replace a stone with the same type that was there before. If you want to change up the look of a ring, we could source a different gem to take its place. If you’d like to know more about your options, bring your jewellery in store to speak to a member of staff.

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